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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cymbals Eat Guitars "Why There Are Mountains"

Cymbals Eat Guitars debut record is one of those rare records that makes me afraid they might have have screwed themselves by being way to good on the first outing. Other bands that have done this in the past include Arcade Fire and TV on the Radio. These bands in my eyes never lived up to their debut (just my opinion).
This foursome from New York have composed a sprawling indie pop masterpiece. They create a lush and abrasive sound scape that draws me in and takes me somewhere else. I know this sounds a little bit deep and druggie, but it's not. In the end I just want a record to take me somewhere else. I don't care if that place in the past, the future, or down the street to get a Dr. Pepper. I just want to go somewhere, this record takes me to a lot of places. 


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